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Egypt Media Roundup (August 14)

[German submarine handover ceremony in Kiel on 8 August, 2017. Photo from the official Facebook page of the Spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces.] [German submarine handover ceremony in Kiel on 8 August, 2017. Photo from the official Facebook page of the Spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

Political Rights

Sisi attempts to reassure Warraq island residents During a meeting with Warraq island residents at his office on Tuesday, head of the Armed Forces’ Engineering Authority Kamel al-Wazeer said there are no plans to evict them, Mosaad Hamed, according to one of the residents attending the meeting.

Why is Egypt’s El-Sisi Scared of a Free Press? Earlier this month three journalists who were previously employed by Egyptian newspaper Youm7 were allegedly dismissed for their opposition to a government deal involving the Red Sea Islands of Tiran and Sanafir.

Presidential pickings: Ahmed Aboul Azm, the new head of the State Council Up until the day before he was appointed chair of the State Council, Judge Ahmed Aboul Azm had described the chief judicial appointments law, which has catapulted him to the head of Egypt’s administrative court system, as unconstitutional.

Egypt's National Council for Human Rights says new law 'cements its independence' Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights issued a statement on Tuesday praising a new law regulating a reforming of the NCHR, saying it grants the organization the independence necessary to do its job.

Amnesty condemns forced disappearance and murder of schoolteacher in Egypt Information gathered by Amnesty International suggests that Mohamed Abdel Satar, a schoolteacher, was forcibly disappeared and extrajudicially executed by Egyptian security forces, according to a report the international rights organization released on Tuesday.

35 govt officials referred to trial for allegedly ignoring sexual abuse at Cairo orphanage Egypt's administrative prosecution has referred thirty-five government officials to an urgent disciplinary trial for "blatant neglect" after they reportedly ignored evidence of sexual abuse among children at a Cairo orphanage.

Draft law aimed at lowering age of marriage for girls to 16 sparks controversy in Egypt A draft law aimed at lowering the minimum legal age for marriage for girls from eighteen to sixteen has garnered criticism in parliamentary and political circles.

An organization without a name: How a group of beginners killed Egypt’s prosecutor general The details point to a group of Muslim Brotherhood youth who were part of the foundation of a nameless organization that emerged out of the violent current within the Brotherhood. A few months after its creation, this nameless organization succeeded in planning and executing the most ambitious political assassination operation in Egypt in a quarter century.

10 Egyptian Islamist parties under investigation for alleged involvement in terrorist activity Adel al-Shorbagy, the head of the Party Affairs Committee, which regulates political parties in Egypt, told reporters this week that the committee is currently investigating ten Islamist parties.

Egyptian authorities refer defendant in Hurghada attack to mental institution: Lawyer The man accused of killing a number of tourists at a Red Sea resort in July was committed to a mental institution for a period of forty-five days on Monday on the orders of the State Security Prosecution, according to a statement the defendant’s lawyer published on Monday.  

Egypt court sentences 12 to death, 157 to life in prison for storming of Minya police station Minya Criminal Court has handed down twelve death sentences and 157 life prison terms for crimes relating to the storming of a police station in 2013.

Update: Death toll in Alexandria train crash reaches 41, injuries rise to 132 The death toll of Friday’s train crash has reached forty-one deceased civilians. One hundred and thirty two of the injured are still receiving medical care while forty-six others have been discharged, according to a statement made by the Health Ministry on Saturday.

Manual-operation system caused deadly train crash: Egypt's transport minister Egypt's Transport Minister Hisham Arafat said on Saturday that a deadly train collision in Alexandria on Friday was caused by the Egyptian railway's manual-operation system and poorly developed infrastructure.

BREAKING: Head of Egypt's railway department resigns after deadly train collision Egypt's transportation minister Hesham Arafat accepted on Friday the resignation of the head of the railway department Medhat Shousha, two days after a train collision in Alexandria killed forty-one people and injured 179.


Annual overall inflation breaks April record reaching 34.2% high in July Egypt’s overall annual headline inflation rose to 34.2 percent in July, topping last April’s 32.9 percent decades-high inflation, according to figures released by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.

16,000 workers on strike at Mahalla Textile Company 16,000 Mahalla Textile Company workers have been on strike since Saturday, calling for their delayed annual bonus, an increase in their share of the company’s profits, as well as other demands related to promotions and food allowance.

Prince Alwaleed To Invest $800 Million In Egyptian Tourism Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is investing $800 million into the expansion of the Four Seasons resort in Sharm al-Sheikh, a popular tourist destination in Egypt, the country’s Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation announced on Monday.

Foreign Relations

Yemen’s ongoing conflict reveals a deeply divided Gulf Now that Qatar has been ostracized by Gulf states waging war in Yemen, it is at liberty to criticize and analyze the lesser known developments taking place in the midst of what has been described as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

Media spotlight: What does the Egyptian press have to say about Qatar? For months prior to the day four Arab countries, including Egypt, officially cut political and economic ties with Qatar, accusations against the Gulf state brimmed over Egyptian media outlets. In the two months that followed, the accusations became more frequent, appearing in online and print media almost daily, with columnists taking on a confident air as a result of their alignment with the state’s official narrative.

Egyptian MPs tell US diplomats they object to State Dept travel warning Members of Parliament from two parliamentary committees have told the US embassy’s chargé d'affaires that they object to a recent US travel notice that warns Americans of threats in Egypt “from ‎terrorist and violent political ‎opposition groups."‎

Egypt following up on disappearance of Egyptian citizen in Italy: Ministry Egypt's foreign ministry is closely following up on the developments in the investigation by Italian authorities into the disappearance of an Egyptian citizen in Milan earlier this month, the ministry announced on Thursday.

Egypt receives second Type-209 submarine from Germany Egypt received its second Type-209/1400 submarine from Germany on Tuesday at a ceremony in the German city of Kiel, according to a statement from Egypt's military spokesman.

Egypt's Sisi to start four-nation Africa tour Monday Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is set to start a four-day African tour Monday, a statement by the presidency read Saturday.

Egypt's FM Sameh Shoukry meets with UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame in Cairo Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with the United Nations Libya envoy Ghassan Salame on Sunday for discussions on the latest developments in Libya, the foreign ministry said. 

Domestic Security

2 police officers killed in North Sinai; Province of Sinai announces death of Palestinian member Two police officers were killed and six others injured in a targeted bombing of a police vehicle in Arish early Sunday morning. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Two policemen killed, one injured in attack on Menoufiya patrol Two policemen were killed in an armed attack on a security patrol in Menoufiya on Tuesday morning.

Egyptian police kill two Hasm militants in Qalioubiya raid: Ministry Egyptian police have killed two members of the Hasm militant group in a shootout in Qalioubiya governorate, a statement by the interior ministry said on Sunday.

Egyptian police kill suspect in Minya Christian bus attack in shootout Egypt's interior ministry has announced that a man suspected of involvement in the deadly armed attack on Christian pilgrims in Minya in May was killed during a police shootout.

Security forces storm Qena’s Kom Hatim village after armed conflict kills at least 7 Security forces stormed the Kom Hatim village in Upper Egypt’s Qena on Saturday morning, two days after an armed conflict between two families began, killing six people and injuring three others.

Five militants killed in Central Sinai campaign: Egyptian military Egypt’s army killed five militants during a military campaign in Central Sinai on Tuesday, according to the military spokesman.


مليار جنيه مكاسب البورصة في أسبوع.. وارتفاع جماعي لمؤشراتها 3.4 Egypt's Stock exchange reached 3.4 billion Egyptian pounds during this week, recording an increase by 0.5 percent.

البنك المركزي: ارتفاع معدل التضخم إلى 35.26% بنهاية يوليو الماضي  Egypt's Central Bank announced the basic annual inflation rate jumped to 35.26 percent in July compared to 31.95 percent in June, the highest rate since 2005. 

أسباب وراء التضاعف المرعب للتضخم في مصر 4 The article reviews the reasons behind the increasing inflation rate in Egypt which recorded a 3.3 percent increase in July.

عودة اقتراح تعديل الدستور لزيادة مدة الرئاسة لـ6 سنوات MP Ismail Nasr Eddin proposed a constitutional amendment to extend the duration of presidential terms to six years.

مصر | الدعم الحكومي يُرفع مجدداً!  The Egyptian government decided to remove state subsidy for workers with salaries up to 1500 Egyptian pounds, sparking controversy around the criteria set by the Ministry of Supply to decide who receives subsidies.   

«دكروري» يقيم طعنًا على قرار استبعاده من رئاسة مجلس الدولة Judge Yehya Dakrouri filed an appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court against the president's decision to appoint a new head to the State Council.

"المبادرة المصرية" عن أحكام الإعدام في أحداث المنيا: الاستمرار في إصدارها لن يوقف العنف.. إهدار للعدالة  Judge Yehya Dakrouri filed an appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court against the president's decision to appoint a new head to the State Council.

المبادرة المصرية" عن أحكام الإعدام في أحداث المنيا: الاستمرار في إصدارها لن يوقف العنف.. إهدار للعدالة" The Egyptian Initiative for Human Rights condemned Minya Criminal Court's ruling ranging from death sentences to life imprisonment against defendants accused of breaking into Matay police station.  

«منظمات حقوقية تتضامن مع صحفيي اليوم السابع المفصولين بسبب «تيران وصنافير 8 Eight human rights organizations declared its solidarity with four journalists who were fired after they expressed their refusal to the maritime demarcation agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

عودة 15 من صحفيي «اليوم السابع» الموقوفين إلى العمل واستمرار فصل 3 آخرين Fifteen journalists of the pro- state newspaper Alyoum Assabaa returned to work after being compelled to sign a one-year unpaid leave due to their anti-demarcation agreement positions.

يومًا في العاصفة».. ذِكر ما جَرى في العريش14« Mada Masr recounts the two-week siege of Al Arish city in Northern Sinai, amid the state war on terrorism.

بين منَع «النقابة» لإعلاميين ووقَف «المجلس» لبرامج.. كيف «ستنظم» الدولة الإعلام؟ The Supreme Council for Media Regulation has been tightening the noose lately on journalists and media institutions, violating legal regulations of media sector.

حرير سعر دقيق الخبز المدعم.. ما الجديد؟  The article examines the advantages and difficulties of the state policy of wheat and flour price liberalization.

بعد تعدّيل قانون «القومي لحقوق الإنسان» .. مخاوف بشأن أداء المجلس مستقبلًا  Activists raised their concerns about the president amendments to some of the provisions to reform the National Council of Human Rights body, stressing that it would erode its independence.

الكتل البرلمانية تتسابق لدعم «السيسي» لولاية ثانية.. وحملة توقيعات مبكرة The parliamentary caucuses voiced their support for Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to run for a second presidential term, launching a campaign to collect signatures.

عزل الإخوان».. يصطدم بـ 3 مواد دستورية ويهدد المجتمع« The bill on the exclusion of Muslim Brotherhood members from public posts and their prevention from politics was met with heavy criticism as it goes against the constitution, activists claim.

في ذكراها الثانية.. لماذا تجاهل السيسي تفريعة قناة السويس؟  The second anniversary of the expansion of the new Suez Canal was marked with silence from the government, reflecting the failure of the project to tackle Egypt's economic crisis per Sisi’s 2015 promises.

لليوم الثالث| عمال غزل المحلة يواصلون الإضراب للمطالبة بزيادة الأرباح السنوية The workers of Egypt's textile company continue their sit-in for the third day, demanding ten percent of social allowance.

هكذا حددت «الوطنية للصحافة» أخلاقيات النشر في قضايا الإرهاب The National Press Authority issued a code of conduct for media outlets to follow when they address extremism and terrorism issues. 

الحكم على 7 من معتقلي الذكرى الرابعة لثورة يناير بالسجن سنة في اتهامهم بخرق قانون التظاهر  Giza Criminal Court sentenced seven defendants to one year for breaching protest law in Talaat Harb square on the fourth anniversary of January revolution.

متهمو "اتحاد الجرابيع".. من "فُسحة الأزهر" إلى مسلسل الحبس الاحتياطي  Six youth were sentenced to another fifteen days pre-detention over forming an illegal group in the case known in the media as “Garabee Union.”

قصص في وجوه عمّال مصر الصغار Recent statistics show that about one million children are victims of forced labor in Egypt.

متى يستمر مسلسل التحرّش الجنسي في الجامعات المصرية؟ Angry social media campaign against Cairo University sexual scandal goes viral, calling for the trial of sexual harassers regardless of their social position and power.

»التقارير المبدئية لأسباب حادث تصادم قطاري الإسكندرية: «خطأ في التحويلة والبلوك  Preliminary reports suggest that the Alexandria train crash was caused by a dispatch error. 

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